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Great British Spring Clean

Today our school councillors took part in The Great British Spring Clean at Oakland’s Recreational Ground. We were very lucky to meet our local MP Jess Phillips AGAIN! We had fun using litter pickers to collect litter around the park. It was great to do something to help our local community.

States of Matter and Separating Mixtures

In today’s science lesson we learnt all about water in its 3 different states and how it can change between these. We used the Rain in a Jar demonstration to see how water vapour can condense back into water and we also heated a salt solution and predicted what would happen when the water evaporated. To our surprise, the salt was left at the bottom of the beaker! To show what we learned, we had to create a poster, song or rap about the 3 states of water.


A relaxing Amnesty Day

We had the chance to practise some mindfulness and yoga during Amnesty Day today. We did the Minecraft Cosmic Kids yoga routine and learnt about the importance of paying attention to the breath when meditating. We also spent some time relaxing and thinking about things we’re grateful for.